Saving the Seas

Clewat is a fast growing cleantech company from Finland, focusing on solving the plastic waste, excess biomass, oil spills and other pollution problems of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

A small step for you, one giant leap for the oceans.​

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Plastic waste in the ocean is one of the largest environmental problems, which affects all the seas of the world.

A cleaning device developed by Clewat is one of the few concrete solutions to the marine plastic waste problem that works.

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There are plenty of nutrients in the water as a result of industrial, wastewater and food production.

The water cleaning vessel developed and manufactured by Clewat is capable of removing algae and other harmful vegetation from the water.

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Public research partnership call

We at Clewat believe that combination of science, innovation, legislation and private and public partnership are the keys for long-term prevention and stopping plastic pollution reaching the oceans.

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