Clewat and Tekoa for cooperation

Clewat and Tekoa Oy have entered into a cooperation agreement, the purpose of which is to combine resources in product development work and enable the growth of both companies.

Clewat Ldt is a fast growing cleantech company from Kokkola, Finland, focusing on solving the plastic waste, excess biomass, oil spills and other pollution problems of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

Tekoa Oy, company from Kalajoki, Finland, manufactures high-quality domestic machines and metal products for various customer groups. In addition the company designs and implements functional solutions from individual equipment to complete production facilities.

– Tekoa is an innovative partner with a desire to develop our products with high quality. By bringing our complementary expertise together, we are able to build new unique opportunities, says Hannu Mäkelä, Clewat’s Chief Operating Officer.

– Throughout history product development has been Tekoa’s guiding idea. The idea behind the cooperation is also to get involved in interesting projects and to get new opportunities through networking, says Tekoa’s CEO Heikki Jyrinki.

Domestic know-how to the world

One of the goals of the cooperation is also to enable the internationalization of companies.

– Together we want to export the know-how of Kokkola and Kalajoki to the world. The industry has huge potential for the future, the world has finally woken up to the problem of plastic waste and there is a growing need for sustainable, ecological and climate-friendly environmental work.

– And we have one of the few concrete solutions to the garbage problem that also works, Mäkelä sums up.

The state of the seas is worrying

The co-operation has already progressed in a concrete way, with Tekoa being involved in the design of the Clewat Riverwheel, a floating and completely energy-independent solution that can be permanently installed at river flow points.

– The Riverwheel is a great invention because the plastic can be collected before it ends up in the seas. In my opinion,each river should have at least one Riverwheel in use around the clock, Jyrinki says.

Responsibility and concern about the state of the seas are perceived as important values also in Tekoa.

– Big garbage boards at sea worry and the time for action is now. The best thing about working with Clewat is that we can make a difference.

More information:
Meri Maijala
Marketing and Communications Manager/Clewat Oy

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