Clewat begins a water cleaning project in Philippines 16.5.2022

A Finnish environmental company Clewat Ltd starts out a water cleaning project in the city of Cebu in Philippines. The purpose of the project is to clean the rivers of Cebu area from marine litter with our new Cleansweep IV-vessel. This project has two parts. In the first part Clewat is working in Cebu for three months. In addition to collecting plastic waste company also educates locals about plastic problems and recycling. There will be about 500 persons participating to the educations. Project employs already in the beginning 7 locals and can continue in the second part for three years.

The plastic problems of water systems have attracted a lot of attention during the past years and new information about this issue has been published in the beginning of 2022. Both WWF and OECD called in their reports quick and wide operations to solve marine litter problem. Clewat is participating to this work by collecting plastic litter, which has already ended up to the water systems and recycling it whenever possible. Company is also educating locals about the recycling of plastics and impacts of it in nature, and doing research work of the collected plastic litter.

 Plastic which has already ended up to the water systems breaks to micro plastic, and all impacts of it to the marine organisms, ecosystems and finally humans is not known yet. So it is important to collect it away from the water systems. The vessel of Clewat is collecting even 200 m3 of marine litter in one hour, so the advantage of it is excellent efficiency. It is also possible to collect micro plastics with vessel.

Clewat Ltd has developed new technologies to collect plastic, harmful plants and oil from the water systems and also an effective method to melt snow environmental-friendly. With the project in Philippines, the company starts globally cleaning the water systems from the plastic waste. During the summer projects will be done also in Finland, concentrating on removing harmful plants from coastal areas.  

More information:

Chief Commercial Officer Marko Kärkkäinen

p. +358 40 771 2442

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