Clewat is melting snow in the Helsinki City

Clewat Oy, which is producing water cleaning vessels and environmentally friendly snow melting machines, started to work in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, 1.3.2022. Aim is to help Helsinki with snow loads, which have been blocking the streets and causing problems.

Also the founder of the company, Johannes Myllykoski, arrived from Kokkola to melt the snow loads.

– We make the development and manufacturing work in Kokkola, but here I can be closer to the nature. The advantage of our machines is that the rubbish will not end up to the water systems.

With the help of snow melting machine it is possible to economically filter a significant part of sand, rubbish and microplastics from the snow. Melted and cleaned snow will be drained back to the sea in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. This is a first time in Helsinki, when this kind of machine is tested closed to the settlement and the melting water for snow will be pumped straight from the sea.

Environmental friendly snow melting

The solution of Clewat is working with electricity. The snow and water passing through the process is filtered and the waste is collected. The whole process is done without any carbon emissions or the use of fossil fuels, with the exception of emissions from the transport of snow. However, Clewat model can also shorten snow transport distances and thus reduce the environmental impact of travel. Process makes the snow melting more environmental friendly and quicker, which facilitate the work in cities and moving around the streets during snowy winters.

– Our machine is effective and works, if needed, 24 hours per day. It also reduces the marine litter problems, which is the basis of all our work, Myllykoski tells about the operation of snow melting machine.

More information:

Janne Saarikko, Clewat Oy , Executive chairman and co-founder    +358 50 385 3057

Keijo Säilynoja, Clewat Oy, CEO                        +358 50 422 6105 

Marko Kärkkäinen, Clewat Oy, Chief Commercial Officer        +358 40 771 2442

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