Clewat make it to the TOP 10 growth company 2020 in Finland

The National Jury of Kasvu Open has selected the ten most potential growth companies in Finland.

Jaakko Salminen (Grannenfelt Finance Oy), a member of the National Jury, says that the TOP 60 growth companies of this season are united by clear innovations with growth potential. Companies had clearly more of their own IP (intellectual property rights) assets than in previous years.

The level of growth companies was high. Choosing the ten most potential growth companies was difficult, we could easily have selected 15-20 potential growers. As a judge myself, I emphasize the company’s potential and ability to grow, says Salminen.

TOP 10 companies:

Aiwo Digital Oy, Jyväskylä

Auntie Solutions Oy, Salo

Biila Solutions Oy, Vantaa

Clewat Oy, Kokkola

Feelia Ruokakauppa, Pyhäntä

Gugguu Oy, Oulu

Jauhetekniikka Oy Kotka, Kotka

Maisti Oy, Lahti

Maslog Oy, Seinäjoki

Secapp Oy, Jyväskylä

The National Jury consists of Lennu Keinänen (Business Director), Professor Anssi Lehikoinen (Osuuskunta KPY), Jaakko Salminen (serial entrepreneur), private equity investor Juho Risku (Butterfly Ventures), CEO Outi Luukko (Touchpoint Oy), CEO Unna Lehtipuu (Framilla Finland) and Digital Management Consultant Vera Backström (Detection Technology, Fingertip).

The evaluation criteria for the National Jury were: market potential, team, growth potential and evidence.

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