Clewat Oy launched a share issue

Clewat, which is manufacturing water cleaning vessels and environmental friendly snow-melting machines, launched a share issue. The share issue aims to raise additional capital of approximately 2 million euros. The share issue was launched 3.6. The funds, raised in the share issue, will support the international growth and product development of Clewat. The purpose is to increase the fleet of vessels and equipment. “Our goal is an internationally comprehensive range of services”, tells CEO Keijo Säilynoja.

”The market is vast, because for example the plastic problem of water systems can be found everywhere these days. Our multipurpose vessel can also prevent problems of invasive species and collect oil from the water systems”, he continues. “There is lots of demand for our vessels and snow-melting machines, but covid-19 has slowed down the practical action. Now we are ready to go.”

Clewat works for clean waters
There can be found approximately 150 millions of tons of plastic in our seas nowadays. Pollution of the water systems causes significant damage to the environment, animals and people. Clewat´s solution for this problem is one of the few concrete workable solutions.

With Clewat´s vessel various pollutants and nuisances can be collected from the water systems, like plastic, oil and harmfull vegetation. The privilege of the vessel is not only versatility, but also efficiency: plastic and harmfull vegetation can be collected with it even 50 000 kg per hour. In oil spill response especially ligth oil is collected, so the maximum capacity is 16 500 l/h.
Environmental problems are solved also with snow-melting machine, which can cost-effectively separate a significant amount of sand, debris and microplastics from the snow.
Clewat´s aim is the international supply of services

Clewat is working in a Business-to-Government -business model, when the most important clients are on public sector. “Our biggest client potential is on export markets. We offer a comprehensive service to public sector´s actors” , Säilynoja tells. “In future plastic will be recycled also chemically and with our vessel can be collected big amounts of material.”

The vessels of Clewat are manufactured in Kokkola, Finland and from there they travel to the seas of our planet. Investment to Clewat means that you are supporting our work for the cleaner water systems. You are welcomed to join the growth of Clewat! 

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Keijo Säilynoja, CEO

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