”Even a good team needs a little bit luck” – Janne Saarikko

Janne Saarikko is a man, who has wide experience of business and especially of the world of money. Has he now started some kind of charity, or what Clewat is all about?

”I am a lake person”, Janne tells. “Lakes are a big part of my identity and my nature experiences. I come from Jyväskylä and I have seen there the development of nearby lake. When my father was child, they used to swim in the lake, hunt ducks and just enjoy the lake view. But when I was young, it was not possible – not even to swim in that lake. Now, later, when I have children, the life of a lake looks different. It has been restored with the help of treatment measures.”

Janne thinks that change is significant and wants to see more of these changes. Plastics and introduced species need to be cleaned out of the water systems and eutrophication must be stopped. He sees himself as a humane nature person and thinks that interaction of a human and nature is important. He hopes that during his life still many water systems will be restored.

But is a banker always a banker, no matter what happens? Janne says that he didn´t understand earlier anything about the environmental issues, “but now I understand. I also understand, how little I still understand. There is a lot to learn.” He believes that the global changes in the state of the environment require relevance and economically and technically efficient actors. Here Clewats´ work is needed. The growth of relevance has clearly become more important to Janne over the years.

“ I want to be in a right kind of team doing right things. At Clewat we approach problems from different corners and we are trying to find good solutions together. It is not the most important thing, who is right, but that things may be done.” Janne considers that a good team is very important. ” Even very big things in the world are possible when a right team is doing right things with right spirit in a right time. In Clewat these features combine. This is a great way to do concrete work for water systems.”

But still Janne states:” However, not everything is not in our own hands, when goals are very big. Even a good team needs a little bit luck!”

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