”I am interested in everything, which has not been invented yet” – Hannu Mäkelä

Hannu is Clewat´s another inventor, a real Gyro Gearloose. A multifunctional person, who changed from building gyms to vessels, is constantly coming up with new ideas. His manual skills developed while he was fixing cars and gym equipment – Hannu tells that in his first project he built first the tools and then the equipment itself. Anyway with his friend Johannes they had a dream about common job, so the gyms were left behind, when the vessel of Clewat was calling.

“I supported Johannes with developing the vessel, so that he wouldn´t leave it unfinished”, Hannu tells. “Then he got the Baltic prize and we had to hurry: we needed business cards and fair shirts.” In 2018 at Clewat´s operative action were only Johannes, Hannu and Janne. “Even in the beginning I saw lots of potential in this vessel. I gave up the gym business and jumped into this team.”

Hannu is originally from Kalajoki, next to the sea. He has always liked spending time on the lake and boating. It is the best way to relax – apparently in addition to various construction projects. “Work is hectic and moving in nature is a good counterbalance to it. With family and friends we spend time exercising and trekking. We just don´t visit nature quickly, but we spend time there. Nature is like a living room”, Hannu tells. ” I always miss water, swimming, ice fishing, fishing and boating.”

 On our interviews has been multiple times highlighted the meaning of a good team, but this is how it is. For the people of Clewat it is extremely important:” I don´t think it is even possible to underline enough that alone this would be impossible”, also  Hannu emphasizes. “We have already taken some steps forward with the vessel and there has been growth and development. Still we have lots of work in front of us.” Hannu is planning, how vessel would utilize the latest available technique. So even the research data would accumulate by itself as a by-product, in addition to collected oil and plastic. The driver would only monitor the operation of vessel and other things would be taken care automatically.

“My biggest dream is that the vessels of Clewat would exist around the world”, Hannu dreams. “It would be also great to travel with vessel to different places, to see world and test it in different waters.”

Multifunctional Hannu says that he is interested in everything, which has not been invented yet, about ideas and implementation. He has already an idea of it, how to gather blue-green algae out of the seas. It has been successfully gathered on the tests, but next step is collecting bigger amounts. We are waiting with excitement, when we will see this come true – perhaps the vessels of Clewat soon take care of this problem also!

Katja Vaulio

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