”I hope that appreciation of nature would rise” – Jukka Tammi

Jukka Tammi has come his way to Clewat through ice skating rinks and many companies. He is clearly a businessman, but not a cold one. “ I want to do something meaningful”, he says, ” and in this team and company it is possible.”

Jukka likes water, but states that “ Anyway I don´t have a boat”. Swimming and ice swimming are enough for him. The best place in nature is definitely a forest. He wanders around in forests and tells that he has got to know nature better with his dog.

The water systems have however come closer to him in this job. He knows already very much especially about the harmful plants of waters. Eurasian watermilfoil, Canadian waterweed and great manna grass flash in Jukka´s talks. “When we visited Lappijoki in Finland, we were literally standing on the water. There was growing so much of great manna grass that no boats or swimmers could access the water.” But Jukka doesn´t think about only people at his work, but also the diversity and well-being of nature. “These things should be brought to people´s consciousness even more.”

Jukka has worked also earlier with start-ups, but is watching everything from another point now. He feels that it is great to be involved to a company, which cleans water systems from plastic and takes care of the whole value chain. He thinks that for example harmfull plants would be used as a raw material of biogas in future. For Clewat he hopes steady growth over the years.

Dogs are still taking him to forests. Jukka has also his own forest and he would like to make it as a nature protection area. “Old forests are so gorgeus and we have so little of them. I hope in general that appreciation of nature would rise.”

Katja Vaulio

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