“Nature is important, but I want to stand on a stable ground” – Johannes Myllykoski

The innovator of the Clewat´s vessel and the founder of the company, Johannes Myllykoski, is by no means an avid boater, although one might think so because of the innovation. The other way round, he prefers to enjoy the nature  on a stable ground.

” I am afraid of the water and sea, but I want to get the marine litter off from the world. I don´t only think about it, what would be good for my own eyes, but I want to protect the nature”, says Johannes. I have to agree with him. Quite often people are only worried about those things, which are exactly in front of their own eyes. Here in Finland we may think that marine litter is not our problem, although the problem is visible also in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately according to the researches the dirties beaches of Baltic Sea are in Finland. Anyhow we keep thinking that recycling and waste management are well managed here and actually we don´t have to do anything anymore.

”Plastic is a good material, but bad if it is misused”, Johannes reminds. Plastic helps to reduce food waste and carbon dioxide emissions on transportation. But it doesn´t belong to the  nature. According to EU´s waste hierarchy all waste should primarily be reduced and on the next step recycled.

Johannes´ way with the vessel of Clewat started with oil spill response equipments. He wanted to develop them when he noticed that it is possible to collect only 10 liters of oil during eight hours. That´s not a good result. The Oil accident in Mexico 2010 was the final awakening for him.  Something had to be done – and so started the story of Clewat´s vessel. With it is possible to collect lighter oils from the sea, like motor and fuel oil.

“My favourite place is Lapland. My soul rests, when I wander around in the forests”. He prefers staying in Saariselkä in the north with his family. He has spent time there with his father since childhood. There Johannes is close to the nature.

Johannes has a wish for Clewat: that the vessel would be in every corner of the world and concrete action could be taken on plastics and oil collection.

But somebody else than Johannes will be driven those vessels.

Katja Vaulio

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