Oil spill RESPONSE

The Cleansweep, developed by Clewat,
is capable of removing oil from water.

Oil ends up in the sea as a result of annual accidents, land leaching oil pollution and as a result of natural oil spillage.

Oil is a toxic substance that is very slowly disappearing in nature.

The oil that has reached the sea affects the environment in many ways. Phytoplankton dies, which makes it difficult for the animal plankton to have access to food, which ultimately leads to the diet of the fish being reduced. Oil can also kill large plants and algae on the beach, which destroys the habitat of many species. The oil stains the feathers of the birds, so that the water repellency of them is lost and the bird’s heat control is disturbed. Heavily soiled birds are not able to fly or dive and gain food.

Conventional oil collection methods in waterways are ineffective, they cause big costs and even more harm than good. Oil continues to cause unnecessary damage to nature.

We can do better. Already today.

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