“People have lost their real connection to nature” – Katja Vaulio

I ended up in the environmental field a little bit by accident. I had a tight situation in my life and when I got offered a good job, I happily welcomed it. I had of course since my childhood dreamed about saving the world, but other things had taken my time in the past, especially Russia and Greece. But it didn´t take long since I noticed that this is my field. On that point only internationality was missing and I think that life is not full without it.

I have always loved water. Calm surface of the lake, which is sparkling in the sun, the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean and deep turquoise of the Mediterranean. If I could, and in future I hopefully can, I would be swimming every day. Nowhere else I can be as close to nature as in water. There I can lose my humanity and turn into school of fish.

Although I have been tightly connected to boats and waters since my childhood, I finally got mad on my long journey to Pacific 2019-2020. When I learned to snorkel despite my fears, I was sold. The underwater world is the most amazing thing on our planet. I want to spend my life protecting nature and especially seas.

I am especially worried about the biodiversity of nature and well-being of the seas. It is said that the Finns have a close relationship with nature, but I disagree. Practically it means that nature is close and it is easy to go there. But the real connection to nature is gone. People spend lots of time on different devices and they don´t understand that every thing we buy, no matter if it is a new phone, a plastic toy for children or some fashion clothing, comes from nature. We don´t see it with our own eyes, how it all effects on nature and that´s why it is easy to ignore. Even during the pandemic has been forgotten that if we don´t take care of the biodiversity of nature and eat lots of factory farmed meat and chicken, we will have more and more pandemics. We have to take care of nature and its complex course of action.

When I found Clewat, I immediately dreamed that I could work here. From the first interview I felt that this is my place. I was able to be myself, I didn´t have to pretend anything else. Also all my competence is used in this company. We have a great, small but diverse team. My work is also international, which perfectly suits to my own life.

I am of course waiting for that day when I am able to travel abroad with Clewats´ vessel and concretely collect plastic or oil from the seas. I hope that I will see that moment in my life, when all the seas have been cleaned from plastic and Clewat has been part of that change.

 Katja Vaulio

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