Public research partnership call

We at Clewat believe that combination of science, innovation, legislation and private and public partnership are the keys for long-term prevention and stopping plastic pollution reaching the oceans.

Our work with plastic pollution wouldn’t be possible, if that many researchers weren’t recognizing and identifying the problem years ago. Moving forward we believe in partnership between researchers, decision makers and our company will create new ways of fighting plastic pollution and identifying the most cost-effective actions.

While we are removing plastic from the environment, we would like to contribute to scientific efforts as much as possible. However, we alone are not capable of doing this. Instead we are capable of collecting a big amount of samples and data regarding micro- and macroplastic in aquatic environments.

We need help from researchers in the plastic pollution field. Due process the collected samples, to advise us on the best sampling procedures and overall research approach. We strongly believe our vessels are a great ship of opportunity platform for collecting samples of plastic pollution.

Clewat Cleansweep-vessels with its effective collection method and a high capacitor for collecting materials, can be utilized for sampling and monitoring floating macroplastics in bigger rivers and coastal areas. There is a substantial knowledge gap and data deficiency in said areas, and we would like to change that.

Currently our focus is towards river plastic pollution and we would like to contribute to the understanding of amounts, distribution and movement of macroplastic in rivers.

This collaboration is imagined as a two-way street. We would like to help researchers conduct top level research and find partners for joint projects.

If you would like to collaborate, please contact our:

Senior Research Coordinator 
Stjepan Budimir
+358 45 166 7930

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