” Sea is a big part of my identity” – Juha-Pekka Parkas

Juha-Pekka started his work at Clewat only few weeks ago and immediately interviewer wanted to talk with him. He has done his career as a design engineer and continues at Clewat with the same theme, designing the vessel.

“I had been following the work of Clewat from the side, it has aroused interest locally in Kokkola”, Juha-Pekka, as a returnee in Kokkola, tells. “When I found out that Clewat is looking for a designer, I thought that I would like to work here. Feeling just got stronger when I was interviewed. This team is full of enthusiasm and it is motivating to work with this kind of people. I also thought that I am able to do meaningful job at marine cleaning.”

Juha-Pekka tells that sea has always been present at his life. “I grew up and spent my childhood on the coast and my grandfather was a passionate fisherman and sailor, who even made coffee from sea water. There is a drop of seawater in my blood definitely. Sea is a big part of my identity. I always miss it and even while travelling I want first to go by the sea.” From the strong emotional connection was born the idea that it would be great to work for the sea.

Designer tells that he will hopefully bring to Clewat some practical engineering, which will surely connect perfectly with the ideas of Johannes and Hannu. So we will get some excellent results. Anyway, Juha-Pekka is not only practical, but also enthusiastic and has ideas how to develop our vessel.

“I have been working earlier at foundries where recycled scrap metal can be remelted to produce very demanding machine parts, if necessary. The same kind of recycling ideology I would like to adapt to the plastic collected from the sea. There should be built value chains for plastic from the beginning to the end, and utilize them. If the marine litter could be utilized with the help of 3D-printer, we could make some parts to the vessels of it.” Contrary to what Juha-Pekka says, he has some other aspects too, not only practical engineering.

When practice and ideas meet, there will surely be results. Clewat is welcoming our new teammate!

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